Where there is no vision, the people perish.


via Teachers, What’s Your Vision? | Edutopia.

At the Preschool we have been working very hard to declare our identity.  We have a “mission statement” but it was created by someone without thoughts, reflections, and input from the staff.  I’m wondering how having a shared vision that is our identity would support children, parents, teachers, and community.  As our “Identity Group” meets over the next weeks, one challenge is to give voice to our shared vision.  They will need to reach out to the entire staff during the annual all staff meeting day.  They will need to devise strategies to gather reflections from everyone. Time and effort needs to be embraced to develop a shared vision.  But- individual visions for the year, for the class, and for personal growth can be declared without additional strategies.  Simply giving yourself time to reflect on your vision and then to declare it- in writing would be a way to begin the year.

What are your thoughts on embracing a “Vision”?