“Kids love to announce that they’re not good at something. They usually do it just after they try something new and challenging, and they say it with finality, as if issuing a verdict.

I’m not good at math!” or, “I’m not good at volleyball.”

At that moment, our normal parental/teacher/coach instinct is to fix the situation. To boost the kid up by saying something persuasive like, “Oh yes you are!” Which never works, because it puts the kid in the position of actively defending their ineptitude. It’s a lose-lose.

So here’s another idea: ignore the instinct to fix things. Don’t try to persuade. Instead, simply add the word “yet.”

This is an interesting blog on the word “yet”.   Not only should we use this word with children, we should use it with our coworkers and ourselves.  As I write this I am reminder that  I’m not good at blogging….wait, let’s change that… I’m not good at blogging, yet!  Yes, that feels so much better!  It gives me hope, encouragement, and permission to take time to get better!IMG_00490


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