“To say building relationships with young children is important seems so obvious as to be hardly worth mentioning — and that is the problem. It is so obvious that we don’t give it much thought; don’t go into what it really takes to build relationships, and so, don’t often try to fully understand what it takes to build relationships with children.”

This is the caution offered by George Scarlett in his article, “Building Relationships with Young Children.”   Something to think about!  Have you written down ways you are trying to build relationships with children?  What about the children who may be shy or difficult to connect with?  What are you actively doing? As we focus on building up relationships among small groups of children by offering small group work, are we neglecting building up our relationships with individual children?  How can we accomplish both?  Maybe by writing our intentions, proposals, and projections both for small groups and for individual children we will accomplish both.  Actively writing it down is essential for reflection and relaunching new ideas.IMG_00114 What do you think?