“Tiger Mom” study shows the parenting method doesn’t work. – Slate Magazine.

As a parent, I read every new book or article about parenting and education.  That was before blogs, thank goodness, so it narrowed the field some what!  I did it because I wanted the very best for my children.  I suppose I thought by being informed of the best way to parent, I would provide my children with all they needed to be successful in life without the struggles many families face.  I soon found out life doesn’t work that way.  “We make plans, and God laughs!” has become a favorite quote.  Don’t get me wrong, I have great kids ( mostly grown now) but I didn’t foresee them dealing with dyslexia , anxiety, depression, or the demands of  life as I planned the perfect path for my children. download

What are your thoughts?  As a parent, have you been torn to be the Tiger Mom or to choose a different path?   What support do parents have to make decisions on their child’s education? Is there only one way to parent?  Let me hear from you.