I just read an interesting post:

How Daydreaming Can Help You Pay Attention « Annie Murphy Paul.

The post focuses on the work of Mary Helen Immordino-Yang, professor at the University of Southern California.   In this very busy world with all its distractions, adults and children struggle to maintain focus, to concentrate, and to pay attention to the tasks in front of us.  But her work suggests that we should pay more attention to what we don’t do.

“What we don’t do…is fully appreciate the value of the more diffuse mental activity that characterizes our inner lives: daydreaming, remembering, reflecting.  Yet this kind of introspection is crucial to our mental health, to our relationships, and to our emotional and moral development. What’s more, it actually promotes the skill we care so much about, for ourselves and for our kids: the capacity to focus on the world outside our heads.”

Have you ever thought about how your daydreaming may be beneficial?  Have you ever talked to the children in your class about their thoughts on daydreaming?  IMG_4147