ECRP. Vol 1 No 2. What Should Children Learn? Making Choices and Taking Chances.

The purpose of this paper is to consider the concept of children’s potential as it is interpreted and supported by an early childhood curriculum. This discussion represents a first step in responding to the question—What should preschool children learn?—recently posed to me by the Committee on Early Childhood Pedagogy, a group of scholars convened by the National Academy of Sciences and the National Research Council to address issues of educational goals and content in the preschool age period.

This is well worth any early childhood educator’s time! Read it before school begins in the fall.  Research based.  How can this support your work with children and families?

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Creative Educator – A Good Prompt is Worth 1,000 Words. Gary S. Stager, Ph.D shares his views on curriculum and the teacher’s role in learning. Read the article and think about the implications. In a Reggio Inspired School we tend to use the word “provocation” instead of “prompt”.  To “provoke” gives a sense of discord or struggle.  It is often said that in the struggle, the learning occurs.  What do you think?