Fred Rogers urged early childhood professionals to “…love what you do in front of the children…to share your special interests with them.”   When children know that you care about them…and they see that you care about somethingthey want to care about that something, too!  

What can you love in front of the children?




Sir Ken Robinson: The Element | Aspen Ideas Festival.

Incredible video of his talk at the Aspen Ideas Festival.  It’s a long video but well worth the time. After you watch the video, you may want to read the book!  Also, a peek at The Blue School at the end of the video.

Recently, several co workers and I attended the NAREA Summer Conference in Portland.  During the conference, a co worker attended a session that focused on movement.  This is a woman who runs 5 miles every day, attends cardio blast several times a week, and is constantly moving. She knows she loves movement, yet in the classroom she was using movement as a management tool- not movement for the love of moving.  She and her co teacher have decided to embrace movement in the classroom.  They plan to use this next year to research “In which ways do children use movement.”  It will require a shift in their thinking about movement, a shift in the language they use surrounding movement, and  open minds to possibilities.  Maybe by embracing her element, she will help others find theirs.   Is teaching your passion?  Do you have another?  Is your passion a part of your teaching?

Federica Parretti and Peter Byworth
NAREA Summer Conference 2012